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Your Partner for additive Man­u­fac­tur­ing Tech­nolo­gies

We deliver Holistic Solutions for your Business

Reduce your costs by eliminating large warehouses for spare parts and produce them on demand. Have high-quality prototypes of your new product produced cost-effectively to test its marketability. Produce tailor-made individual pieces with our 3D printing systems, which can precisely produce even the slightest details.

We offer you holistic solutions: starting with the software to the hardware up to the finished product!

Possible Fields of Application

Not sure if our printing solution is suitable for your company and your product? We will be happy to discuss your project and find ways to optimize your manufacturing process. Get in touch with us!

Some of the Benefits of our Solutions

spare parts built to order

Save high rental and ownership costs for storage space as well as excess spare parts for your product. Produce components quickly on request - manufacturing can be controlled from anywhere via our cloud service!

fast prototype adaption

Have your prototypes produced precisely and quickly with our 3D printing systems. If the product meets all your requirements, you can easily start serial production - or have us configure your own systems to give your company a significant competitive advantage through a short time-to-market.

bio printing capabilities

Our systems deliver the most accurate results in the world. This makes them ideal for use in bioprinting. Produce prostheses, artificial limbs or material for dental technology with minimal effort.

Our three in one Printing Process

filament drying to improve material durability and quality

high resolution printing

precise deburring of the printed parts

Fully customized workflow to suit your specific needs

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