3D printed orthopedic functional parts





We chose to distribute and manufacture 3D filament printers because this additive manufacturing is a low-emission, dust-free method of manufacturing that allows the use of precisely calculable material, produces little to no waste, and allows for a wide variety of materials.


Our product portfolio

In addition to the international distribution of our own 3D filament printers in various build sizes, other 3D printers are represented by AMTEC Swiss AG in Switzerland.
These are printers from innovatiQ GmbH, which invented Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM) among other things in 2018. These unique printers enable additive manufacturing of components made of silicone. We have also expanded our range with 3D pellet printers from AIM3D GmbH. The advantage of pellet processing is the possibility to use materials from injection molding technology.


[Translate to English:] AM01, the 3D printer from AMTEC Swiss with installation space 180x340x200mm.

AM01 / PR 180x340x200

[Translate to English:]AM20 3D desktop printer, printing size 120x120x180mm.

AM20 / PR Ø120-180

[Translate to English:]TiQ2 printer from innovatiQ, installation space 330x330x300mm

TiQ 2 / PR 330x330x300


TiQ5 Pro / PS 500x400x450

3D Liquid Silicon Printer

[Translate to English:]LiQ5 Liquid Slilicon Printer with printing room 250x320x150mm

LiQ 5 / BG 250x320x150