[Translate to English:] 3D Drucker eignen sich für verschiedene Designs. Hier eine 3D gedruckte Schale, Vase. 3D printers are suitable for various designs. Here is a 3D printed bowl, vase.




AMTEC Swiss supports you in analyzing internal and external processes and optimizing them together with you. This enables you to better weigh up the benefits of using 3D printers, which printers are right for your company and what ROI can be expected. Below are some industries that have already changed with the introduction of 3D printing technology.


Industries in which additive manufacturing is already established:

Dental Technology

Technological advances software and scanners have favored the use of high-precision 3D printers, even for smaller dental labs. The digitization of the lab helps to counteract the shortage of skilled workers and automate part of the craft.

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Every medical facility should have the latest tools available to help improve care. Get started now or expand your in-house manufacturing with AMTEC Swiss, a proven and innovative partner for 3D printing in healthcare.

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Architecture and model making

3D printing is excellent in the creative field, where you can put 3D views on the plate from  the first design idea. Fine or coarse texture? Dual printing yes or no? Which print space size? A clarifying discussion with us will help you find the printer for your needs.

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Industry, mold making and construcion

From CAD model directly to physical object. Fine-tune your initial ideas using 3D printed concept models. Test and iterate your designs without wasting time. Test different colors and materials. From prototype to mass production, 3D printing opens up new possibilities.

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Machinery and Food Molds

3D printing also enables a wide variety of molds in the food industry. From 3D printed stencils made of recyclable bio-filament to heat-resistant casting molds - limitless creation!

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In the automotive industry, 3D printing is often outsourced to external printing centers. Using own additive manufacturing means: saving time, reducing costs, and keeping intellectual property in-house.
Whether in the shop for motor and agricultural vehicles, classic cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles of all types - 3D printing opens up new or additional services.

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watch-, jewellery-, design- & creative industry, advertising

Produce your own design - from prototypes to small series - AMTEC Swiss offers 3D printers in different sizes and for different materials. Suitable for the jewelry and watch industry, advertising industry or interior design.

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Prototyping and product development

Worldwide 3D printers are used in schools, universities, research labs but also in public institutions like museums or training centers. AMTEC Swiss offers suitable printers, serious installation, sound training and a partnership support also after the installation.

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